Altered Dress Form #1 {No Place Like Home}

Front side of the dress form.

I’ve been altering Maya Road dress forms for the last 5-6 weeks. It was a challenge for me, since I usually don’t alter anything bigger than an artist trading card. I made seven of these, all different styles. When I started on this project, I intended to put “legs” (moos) on each one. After I finished this one, I decided that one pair of legs was enough. The blue gingham paper (by Making Memories) always reminded me of Dorothy’s dress, so that was my inspiration and background for this one. I made the ruby slippers by covering some red buttons (left over from the days I crocheted beads on socks for my daughters) in Stickles. Worked like a charm!

Back side of the dress form.

The back of the moos have very small printing that coincides with the character on the front. The scarecrow has words from the song “If I Only Had a Brain” and the lion has words from his “courage” rant. I hope this finds a home with a Wizard of Oz fan!


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